Our company putting safety and environmental protection first, provides a set of professional insect-killing services through the integrated harmful managing technology, including ecological tendency, using different kind of integrating unified methods (physically, biologically and chemistry), and minimum amount and area of the chemical solution will be used. After four years of strive, our business is increasing steadily every year. Besides the great effort of our stuffs, the main reasons of our success can be listed as follow:

We know in service industry the key to success dependent on the attitude of the stuffs toward customers, the company reminds our stuffs everyday to be polite to our customers. When the company receive any types of complain, the boss will follow every single case directly.
The knowledge of the ecological and behavior of insect and pest-killing product is also very important, so we require every stuff to complete a set of courses before entering the post, which is completed by Pest Control Personnel Association of Hong Kong and HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education together named Pest Control & Pesticide Safety Core Course. The courses are included the safety use of pest-killing solution and the ecology of pest and control. Furthermore, the company jointed an international recognised pest association, through their network we can understand the members all over the world of how to consolidate the pest-killing technique, from which we can improve our operational technique.
here is price competition in the industry, but it is not easy to get balance between the price and the service, this is also our biggest problem. Because of the involvement of the profit and the cost of resource, in order to reach the correct sense of value and price, our services “not only reach the value, but also exceed the value” to pay back our customer.

Business activities

We provide a set of professional environmental protection pest-killing service, including pest control- cockroach, mosquito, ant, moth, flea, house fly etc. Rodent control, bee control, snack control and termite control.

The area of business:

1. Residential area
2. Office
3. Warehouse
4. Public area of properties
5. Hospital
6. Restaurant and cafe
7. Hillside and landscape

Room 5, 13/F., International Trade Centre,
11-19 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., H.K.
Tel : 2458 8378
Fax : 2458 8487