American Cockroach
Living history: egg infant adult
Most of the cockroaches are reptile, they will fly only when they are disturbed, long distance movement or look for female.

Fire Ants
Living history: egg chrysalis infant adult
They live in groups, look after each other. The nest can last for a few years. During the reductive period, the male ants with wings can fly and look for spouse, but they can only mate once in their life. The male die immediately after mating, the female will then go back to the ground and look for a new place to lay eggs.

Aedes Mosquitoes
Living history: egg infant adult
Their infants mainly live in any type of water containers, such as flask, bucket, abandoned tin can, tyre or tree hole. The female active during day time, which suck animals’ blood. If they bite a person who is infected by disease, after a short while when they bite another person, then the disease is spreaded.

House Fly
Living history: egg infant chrysalis adult
They eat rotten stuffs, their infant live in the rotten organic substances, such as animals’ excrement, corpse or any rotten food. So they appear mostly in poor sanitation area.

Cat Fleas
Living history: egg three stages of infant chrysalis adult
Their infant do not suck blood, which live in gaps between floors, underneath the carpet, place where cats and dogs live, as well as the lawn whether cats and dogs active in. The adults will such animals’ blood, which affect human’s working moodiness.

Living history: egg infant (4 to 12 times of decortications) adult
They will only turning into adult after four to twelve times of decortications. They look for food during night time, which are carnivore. They inject venom into preys’ body.

Brown Dog Tick
Living history: egg adult
They are pest that have a short growing period for only five to ten days, which live in the fur of dogs. They spread disease indirectly.

Bed Bug
Living history: egg infant (5 times of decortications) adult
Their body are full of hair colour from light brown to black, but turning into red after suck blood. They spread disease directly. Their live in the gap between wooden floors and furniture.

Living history: egg caterpillar chrysalis adult
They are the most common pest in Hong Kong, which cause disturbance. They live in the woolen sweater inside the wardrobe.

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