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Truly Care is a locally established pest control company providing services to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

With nearly three decades of experience and professional knowledge,


We are committed to delivering safe and effective pest control services to our clients.


At Truly Care, we integrate traditional methods with innovative technologies to ensure swift eradication of pests.


Each member of our team has undergone training at the University of Hong Kong and successfully completed professional

pest management courses to obtain certificates. This enables us to offer safe, efficient, and tidy solutions.


At Truly Care, achieving a pest-free environment is our goal; safeguarding Hong Kong is our mission.


Truly Care has also been recognised as one of the top pest control companies in Hong Kong.




Our Mission




The existence of Truly Care Pest Control is to provide a pest-free environment. At Truly Care, there are no pests; no stress.



Perfect Quality:


We take pride in delivering high-quality service to all our customers. Ensuring that all Truly Care experts undergo professional training enables us to meet our quality and rigorous standards.



Great Reaction:


We take pride in our excellent response time to our valued customers. At Truly Care, we ensure to address pest issues promptly and safely! (Established in 2007, Rapid Response Pest Task Force).




Our Philosophy


Truly Care Pest Control Limited is also a member of the Pest Control Personnel Association (PCPA) in Hong Kong. Through years of dedication and continuous training to enhance our skills, we have earned a certain reputation and recognition in the market. What's more valuable is our fleet of vehicles that enables us to reach our customers' service areas promptly and effectively to address pest problems.

Our customer service department colleagues listen attentively to customers' concerns about pest issues and provide feasible solutions over the phone promptly. Being patient and responsive to customers is our top priority, and we are always ready to serve you.

Able Pest Extermination Limited serves Hong Kong, Kowloon, the New Territories, and the outlying islands, providing various pest control services and specialised products for termite detection. Our clientele includes major commercial or medical institutions, government departments, restaurants, manufacturers, and residential areas. In recent years, our company has continuously introduced new technologies, such as the essential outdoor mosquito trap (VECTOTHOR IN2CARE). We are an authorised seller and service provider accredited by ENSYSTEX, and we are also an authorised company for the " Exterminex "™ termite community control system.

We are committed to providing customers with different forms of service contracts to ensure that the environments in which they live or work are properly protected. Pests will not be a problem for you because we have got you covered!

100% Service Guarantee * [No Pest Boundaries]

We provide customers with a service guarantee commitment. When customers sign a pest management contract, they receive our company's service guarantee. Able Pest Extermination Limited provides customers with after-sales guarantee services, allowing them to enjoy a pest-free environment. If customers discover pest problems during the contract period, we will promptly arrange special treatment without any additional charges.




Quality Control




Service Satisfaction




Service value




Work Quality