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Flies carry a variety of pathogenic microorganisms to spread and harm humans. Flies have hairy surfaces and can secrete mucus on their foot pads. They like to crawl and forage in human or animal feces, sputum, vomit, and corpses. They are easily attached to a large number of pathogens. , Such as Vibrio cholerae, typhoid bacillus, dysentery bacillus, hepatitis bacillus, polio bacteria, roundworm eggs, etc.; they often stay on the human body, food, and tableware. They have the habit of rubbing their feet and brushing their bodies when they stop The pathogen on it quickly contaminates food and tableware. When flies eat, they spit out the crop fluid, dissolve the food before inhaling, and eat, vomit, and pull.


In this way, the pathogens originally eaten in the digestive juice are vomited out, contaminating the food it has eaten, and people will get sick if they eat these foods and use contaminated tableware. The prevalence of cholera, dysentery and bacterial food poisoning are directly related to the spread of flies, but it is not useless. Without it, humans will be in a rotten place.


Control of flies

1. The domestic garbage should be packed in discarded plastic bags, Nissan Nissan, do not allow flies to contact and lay eggs.
2. When disposing of garbage, it must be put into the bucket (box, car) and covered, and cleared and transported in time.
3. Eliminate garbage and dead spots in front of and behind residential houses, inside and outside the unit.
4. Restaurants, stalls, etc. should have anti-flies and anti-flies facilities, and garbage should be put into buckets and covered in time.


Lifespan of a fly: The lifespan of a fly can survive about 1 month in the summer season. But in the case of low temperature, its life span can be extended by 2 to 3 months. When it is below 10 degrees, it can hardly carry out activities, and its life span is longer. The adult lifespan of an ordinary fly is 15-25 days. If its larval and pupal stages are included, its lifespan is 25-70.


Food habits of sky flies: Flies have mixed food habits. They like fragrance, sweetness, sourness, and smell. When they eat, they spit out crop fluid to dissolve food. Their habit is to eat, vomit, and pull. Someone has observed that when food is abundant, flies will defecate 4-5 times per minute.


The best way to eradicate flies: Flies are a kind of completely metamorphic insects. There are three periods of eggs, larvae (maggots) and pupas in their life that they spend in breeding, so the best way to eradicate flies is to fit Dispose of the material that flies breed. Such as bagging garbage (bags should be intact and not damaged, and the mouth of the bag should be tightened), no littering, no defecation anywhere, and pet feces should be handled properly.

Rodents and flies: When there are rats in the house, people often use rat poison to eradicate rats. If the nasty rats no longer make trouble, they will forget about the killing. But after 1-2 weeks, the constant appearance of flies will remind you, hurry up and look for dead mice. Therefore, after exterminating the rats, look for the carcasses in the corners and pack them in a plastic bag before disposing of them.





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