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Among mosquitoes, the most hateful ones are those that suck human blood. The feeding habits of male and female mosquitoes are inherently different. Male mosquitoes are "vegetarian" and feed exclusively on plant nectar, fruit, stems, and leaf juice. Female mosquitoes occasionally taste the sap of plants, however, once they are married, they must suck blood. Because it can develop the ovaries only after sucking blood. Therefore, only female mosquitoes bite people and suck blood. On a pair of mosquitoes' tentacles and three pairs of feet, there are many whorled sensory hairs, and each sensory hair is densely arranged with round or oval pores. In the dark, mosquitoes can sense the carbon dioxide emitted by the human body in the air with this sensor, react within 1? seconds, and fly to the blood-sucking object correctly and quickly.

Before sucking blood, mosquitoes inject anticoagulant-containing saliva into the skin to mix with the blood, turning the blood into thin plasma that does not clot, and then spit out undigested old blood and suck fresh blood. If a person arbitrarily bites 10,000 mosquitoes at the same time, he can suck up the blood of the human body. Mosquitoes suck human blood, they also "choose fat and thin", specifically looking for objects that meet their "taste". When mosquitoes "buzz" around the pillows of sleeping people, they rely on proximity sensors to sense temperature, humidity, and the chemical components contained in sweat. Therefore, female mosquitoes first bite people with higher body temperature and sweating. Because of the high body temperature and sweating people, the odor secreted by the body contains more amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, which are easy to attract mosquitoes. The main hazard of mosquitoes is the transmission of diseases.
According to research, there are more than 80 kinds of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. On earth, no animal is more harmful to humans than mosquitoes. Malaria is a disease transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes. Malaria is also called miasma. According to a survey conducted by the Department of Health in 1935, in areas where miasma is prevalent, 50% of residents have Plasmodium in their blood, and 72% suffer from falciparum malaria. About 20,000 people died of malaria in Gao County, Jiangsu Province in 1936. In 1876, when the Panama Canal was excavated, countless workers died of yellow fever and malaria. As a result, work was stopped in 1889. After entomologists solved the mosquito problem, the canal project was completed. The report of the Far Eastern Society of Tropical Diseases in 1930 pointed out that in Thailand, about 50 people die from tiger’s mouth every year, and 50,000 people die from malaria.  How do mosquitoes introduce pathogens into the human body? When the Anopheles mosquito sucks the blood of a person suffering from malaria, it also sucks the Plasmodium (the source of malaria) into the body. When they bite again, the malaria parasite is injected from the mouth of the mosquito into the body of the bitten person. Ten days later, the plasmodium began to appear in blood vessels close to the skin. They reproduce in the patient's red blood cells and split into large numbers of small protozoa, which destroy the red blood cells and release a toxin. Each malaria parasite invades other red blood cells and continues to multiply, causing more and more malaria parasites and toxins in the patient's body, causing the patient to chill and fever.


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After we understand the living habits of mosquitoes, what is a good way to deal with mosquitoes? Here are some tips to teach you:

The first method of physical mosquito repellent:
Eliminate the living environment of mosquitoes
Some living conditions are poor, with a lot of stagnant water around, and frequent spraying is required. This is not only difficult to kill mosquitoes, but also costs a lot of money. So might as well use some physical methods to kill mosquitoes.
Solution: Clean up the garbage in time and don't leave stagnant water.

The second method of physical mosquito repellent: Close the doors and windows with soapy water, place a basin in front of the window, and add some water mixed with detergent. The next day, there will be some dead mosquitoes in the basin. If you continue to use this method every day, you almost no longer need to spray insecticide to kill mosquitoes. Moreover, there will be fewer and fewer mosquitoes.

The third method of physical mosquito repellent: garlic, vitamin B, and two magic weapons to repel mosquitoes. You must try it. These are garlic and (peanut) vitamin B. The fourth method of physical mosquito control: salt water, toothpaste If you are accidentally bitten by a mosquito, don't rush to grab it with your hands. Bring some salt water or toothpaste and apply it to the affected area to quickly relieve itching.


IN2CARE Mosquitoes Trap

In2Care mosquito trap can provide a more environmentally friendly solution and can control mosquito breeding for a long time.

  • Compared with traditional control methods that only focus on eliminating adult mosquitoes, In2Care mosquito traps effectively reduce the number of Aedes and larvae, solving the root cause of mosquito development.
  • Reduce pesticide use and dependence
  • All-weather protection
  • Reduce non-target insect interference
  • Multifunctional application and placement
  • Pet and child safety


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Note: This mosquito trap is only suitable for outdoor use.


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